BYOD - Learning - Tokoroa High School

BYOD - Bring your own device

It is at this stage not compulsory for your child to have an electronic device for their learning at this school.  There are, however, a fair number of students who use (mainly laptop computers) electronic devices for their learning.  Such students have access to the school's WiFi network.  Students who must have an electronic device are those students who do video conferencing (VC) lessons.

The school does not prescribe any specific type or make of device.  What we do recommend is that the device be able to connect to the school's WiFi connection. For senior students a laptop would probably suit their needs best, whereas junior students can manage quite well with a tablet of similar device. The windows tablet comes with a keyboard which is very handy.

Every student at Tokoroa High School has a school e-mail address, which enables them to access Office 365.  Office 365 allows every student five downloadable copies of the Microsoft Office package on their devices at home.  You are welcome to enquire from school if you would like to know more about this licencing agreement from Microsoft.