Tertiary study scholarships

Tertiary study scholarships-Scholarships-Our Students - Tokoroa High School

At senior prize giving every year four scholarships are regularly awarded.  These are:

  • The Kasey O'Keeffe scholarship.
  • The Strathmore scholarship.
  • The Oji Fibre Solutions scholarships.

Students apply for these internally. The criteria that students need to meet are set out below. 
Kasey O'Keeffe scholarship – this is awarded to a student going onto tertiary study in the ‘arts field.’  Students are interviewed for this scholarship.
Strathmore scholarship – this is awarded to an ex-student of Strathmore School who is going onto tertiary study or training. Students are interviewed for this scholarship.
Oji Fibre Solutions – these scholarships are awarded to students going onto tertiary study and who may return to work in the district.  Students who apply for this are shortlisted then are required to attend an interview and make a presentation to a panel at the mill.
There are many other scholarships that year 13 students that are going on to tertiary study should apply for.  Students need to listen to the daily notices for information on these and also consult our Careers Adviser.