Te Ara Ki Angit?: Pathways to Excellence programme 

Waikato University Cooperative Programme-Community-Our School - Tokoroa High School

Waikato University Cooperative Programme

Learning Hubs in Schools and Learning Devices for Students

Learning hubs are aligned to the school library spaces, with swipe card access for after hours.

The University will liaise directly with students regarding the allocation of individual learning
devices – these will be made available on application and on the basis of need.  

Transport system 

The bus leaves daily from the Information Centre in Leith Place Tokoroa and returns to the same in the evening.

Direct Communication with Students  

The University will communicate the details of the Te Ara ki Angit?: Pathways to Excellence
programme directly to students who have applied to enrol at the University, but if you are able to
promote to the students and to your school community also, it will ensure that the key messages
get through.  
Also, we will start to utilise the University web landing page for further updates and notices, so
check in on this space also - http://www.waikato.ac.nz/study/pathway-programmes/southwaikato.shtml

Link to the Waikato University webpages for this programme.