Glowing ERO Report- Three Year Review Cycle
Glowing Education Gazette Article- Looking Forward to a Bright Future
 Tokoroa High School Trust- Growing our Community, Millionaires Club

STARS Provider for Over Seven Years - Developing Young Leaders, Role Models and Mentors

Junior and Senior Services Academy - Discipline, Desire, Dedication

Trades Academy - Hands On Learning, Building our Future

Junior Diploma - Year Nine and Ten Academic Focus 
Tokoroa High School

Winning Inside and Outside the Classroom


 ü Tokoroa High School -  Top Rugby School in the South Waikato 
 ü  Tokoroa High School -  Top six Rugby League School in New Zealand
      Only School in the Top Ten outside Auckland
 ü  Tokoroa High School -  Top Netball School in the South Waikato
 ü  Tokoroa High School -  Top Touch Rugby School in the South Waikato
 ü  Tokoroa High School -  Top Ki-o-Rahi School in the South Waikato
 ü  Tokoroa High School -   Top Girls’ Cricket School in the South Waikato
 ü  Tokoroa High School -   Gifted and Talented Education - Extension  Program (GATE)
 ü  Tokoroa High School -  Puna Vai Ora - Pasifika by Nature Champions
 ü  Tokoroa High School -  Home of Wearable Arts Festival
 ü  Tokoroa High School -  Manu Korero Winners, Te Marae o Noa
 ü  Tokoroa High School -  Sports Academy and Professional Sports Pathways
 ü  Tokoroa High School  15 out of 40 Teachers Tokoroa Born and Bred
 13 Teachers with Masters Degrees, one PhD
  ü  Tokoroa High School -  Vocational Pathways Provider

The Community of Tokoroa - Making Informed Choices