STARS is a Graeme Dingle Foundation initiative, implemented in partnership with our school. It is a programme aimed at growing leadership through peer mentoring, and helping Year 9 students to transition into high school. It has four main components: Stars Adventure Camp, Comunity Project, Community Adventure, and Graduation.

At enrolment, each student is placed in a Stars group with senior mentors. Each group has a mentor, whose role is to guide students as they navigate their transition into high school. The mentor is the ‘go to’ person, for anything they need.

It is a positive experience for Year 9 students and helps strengthen the sense of community within the school, by bringing younger and older students together through Peer Mentoring. Senior students are guided and supported through the Peer Mentoring process by teachers.

During Stars time, students work through a number of sessions where they will learn skills such as setting learning goals, career decision making, cultural diversity, and looking after their own wellbeing.