The multi-cultural nature of the school’s population, since the early 1960s has given the school the unique ability to allow all, regardless of origin or ability, to stand tall.

Te Whanau a Noa captures this quality as a place with a distinct marae layout and a truly multi-ethnic interior

Creativity and design are strong and often unrecognised talents of Tokoroa youth. We focus each year on giving students the opportunities to find, develop and expand these skills and interests.

The tradition of success at local, regional, and national level in performing arts has grown into an impressive tradition.

 These opportunities include:

  • Art and Design
  • Musical Groups
  • Maori Kapa Haka and music
  • Cook Island Dance and music
  • Drama and stage productions

Students can develop their creative talents and expand their cultural awareness and knowledge through participation in: Maori/Cook Island cultural activities, Design competitions, Wearable Arts competition, Stage Challenge Stage shows, Talent quests, Instrumental and vocal tuition, Musical groups.

Kapa Haka

The Tokoroa High School junior kapa haka team are preparing for competition in Easter. The competition will be held in Kaikohe. Billy Maea who is also the Bishop of the Tokoroa ward for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints has invited the Kapa Haka team to participate in a national kapa haka competition this year a national event organized by his church to celebrate Te Reo Maori and Maori kapa haka.

The team, made of largely year tens and year nines have been practicing for the last few months sharpening their haka skills and cannot wait to take centre stage. Billy says that this is a great opportunity for anyone to learn kapa haka and te Reo Maori. It is also a great opportunity for the school kapa to launch into action.

Billy Maea has had plenty of experience in the kapa haka world standing at seven Matatini National competitions himself and also taking Tokoroa High School to the 2005 Tainui regionals

Puna Vai Ora

Puna Vai Ora Puna Vai Ora is another opportunity for our students to embrace the different Pacific cultures through song, dance, and language. It is open to all students in our school who are willing to learn and commit time and energy to practice. All performances are linked to gaining Dance credits to support our schools’ academic goal of “qualifications for all”. For the past 15 years, we have competed in “Pasifika By Nature” and our goal for 2021 is to share in the celebrations of the last PBN competition as well as being part of the 200year celebration of the arrival of the Gospel into the Cook Islands. Puna means spring, Vai means water and Ora means life, Puna is a place where if you are thirsty, you can have a drink, or if you want to learn more about your culture or another culture, come and see, come and hear, come and try out Puna Vai Ora.

Itinerant Music Service

Students have access to free vocal and instrumental tuition through the Itinerant Music Service programme.

We have lessons in:
Brass- Trumpet, cornet, horns
Woodwind- Saxophone, flute.