The school has signed up with a service call “Early Notification” approved by the Ministry of Education. It sends a text message or an e-mail to the parents/caregivers of students who are not at school in tutor and period one. The parent/caregiver then has the option to respond with a “Yes” and a reason for the absence or a “No” if the student is not supposed to be absent (parents/caregivers usually phone the school when this happens).

We thank you for your cooperation and are happy that we can provide this service for parents and caregivers. To ensure that we can contact you please make sure that we have your correct mobile number and e-mail address. Only students with this facility can receive text messages about school events like sports cancellations/alterations or any other information like school social reminders, sports day reminders/postponements etc.

Please ring Mrs Jowett 886 6109 Ext 720 to let us know if your young person is not going to be in school for any reason.

  • We trust that this will make it more convenient for you to inform us when your child is absent.
  • All students must have 90% plus attendance. A note or phone call from home to the Tutor teacher or office is required for any absence.
  • Students are to carry their ID Cards at all times to assist with library issues and lunch passes.
  • Students are not permitted in town, or the Lomond Street Shops, between 8.50 a.m and 3.10 p.m on school days, unless accompanied by a parent or issued with a leave pass from school.
  • Students may go home for lunch if they have parental approval and an approved lunch pass.
  • During class time, students may not leave the grounds without permission from the school.
Leave Passes

All leave passes are issued at the attendance office. If a student has an appointment a letter from home should be handed to their tutor teacher. The tutor teacher will sign the letter. After the note has been signed by the tutor teacher the student can take it to the attendance office for a pass.

If a student has left the school premises without a pass during school time, the student will be marked truant during this time.

Illness at School

If a student reports to the main office with a note from a teacher saying they are feeling ill, the caregiver/parent of this student will be notified by phone. A sick leave pass will be issued to the student. The student will be directed to the sickbay until he/she can be collected from school.

Students Bringing Vehicles to School

In the interest of safety to people and property, the use of motor vehicles by students of Tokoroa High School is governed by a set of guidelines, in addition to the standard Traffic Regulations.

 These guidelines are as follows:

1.1 Students are required to make an application to the school on the prescribed form (Appropriate form IPP 2356)
1.2 Students will complete the details on the form and have their parents sign in the appropriate place to indicate their approval and consent.
1.3 Students wishing to carry student passengers must have:

  • Written permission of their parents
  • Written permission of the parents of the student passengers
  • Written permission from Tokoroa High school

The Schools Jurisdiction

Pupils are under the jurisdiction of the school from the time they leave home for school until their return home. This applies to pupils attending as spectators or involved as participants in any school function, sports fixture, field trip or camp held outside normal school hours.

  • Regulation uniform as prescribed in the Prospectus must be worn by students during their first four years. Year 13 students will wear appropriate mufti.
  • All students are expected to be clean, neat, and tidy in their dress. High standards of grooming and hygiene are required.
  • At least part of the cost of damage caused to school or other people’s property must be paid by the students responsible.
  • No student is allowed to smoke, vape, consume liquor, or be in possession or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs on school property or while under the control of the school.
  • Parents may be asked to have their child undertake tests for illegal drug use if that child’s behaviour suggests there are problems related to drug use.